The most accurate locations in Australia

Discover your closest Survey Benchmarks in Australia with ease

Australia's first Survey
Control App

Cut Cost

No need to search for documents and locations, Benchmrk does it for you at the tap of a button

Open and Reliable

Benchmrk is powered by the Queensland Globe Open Data giving you peace of mind

Award Winning

Winner of GIS Day Map App Hack Competition. Your business is in good hands with an award-winning app

Open for Business

This is just the start, we are looking to engage industry and Government contact us today

Remarkable Features

Authoritative Data

Legally traceable documents are delivered live direct to your device

Add Your Benchmarks

All users can easily add their  benchmarks to the map, for them to find again or for others to use

Intuitive Search

Search any way you like. Enter the Address, Real Property Description, Benchmrk No. and Benchmrk gives you all the results you need

Detailed Filtering

Filter content using attributes for Horizontal, Vertical location, Mark Condition, or Time since the last visit, and isolate the marks you need


We have built the world's coolest digital compass, giving you North, Heading to Benchmrk, and Distance to its location

Driving & Walking Directions

Don't spend your day looking at a compass, Benchmrk is integrated into your device's navigation, serving up driving and walking directions to any mark

What is Benchmrk?

Your digital field assistant.

Never mind calling the office or pulling out your laptop, simply give Benchmrk a Location and it will deliver the data you need

Huge Time Saver.

Providing all the information for Survey Control in one interface so you can focus on getting the job done

Making your Day easier in the field

Allowing you to easily find the benchmark locations across Australia

What our customers say about Benchmrk

Steve Jacoby
Queensland Dept. of Natural Resources & Mines

It’s going to be a very useful tool for surveyors everywhere. It’s very innovative and we’re pleased to be associated in this way with an Australian first.

Mike P.
Brisbane Survey Firm

A great tool for all my field crews to use. Saving not only their time but support resources too.

Mike P.
State Government Dept.

Having this app in my pocket has saved me countless hours.