Geolocarta is re­sha­ping the way the world interacts with reality

We are transforming spatial data in the same way the Internet did information


Geolocarta has invented how to economically leverage reality at scale, from a single house to an entire continent providing a sustainable resource for the spatial economy.

This sets the stage for the spatial economy.

Geolocarta enables industries such as insurance to improve its abstract view of reality and recalculate its understanding of risk exposure.

Geolocata represents the physical world in an accessible virtual form. It is a tool for creativity that blends the virtual and real world.

Our Solution

Geolocarta has a demonstrated history of delivering innovation. We place reality at the core of the creative process enabling anyone to realise their creative vision.

Geolocarta makes the world more accessIble in a virtual form. It is a tool for creativity that blurs the lines between what is virtual and reality.

Our Founders

Stephen Donaldson

Surveyor and Spatial Industry professional with 14 years in the industry. Built Benchmrk, a smartphone app powered by open data to deliver timely and relevant survey control. Co-founder, Director and CEO of Geolocarta.

Stephen Kelly

30 years in the GIS and IT industry establishing the infrastructure for a global health reporting system, national insurance risk modelling and management of major utility networks infrastructure networks.

What say about

Geolocarta uses its insight and deep understanding of emerging technology to deliver the products and associated benefits that people aren’t aware they need.
Alistair Hart, General Manager of Mangoesmapping

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